Laser Hair Removal Packages

Get Rid Of Unwanted Body Hair!
Are you tired of shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair?
Then, laser hair removal could be an option worth considering.

Available Packages:
  • From 36$/Session for any small area

Small areas: chin, upper lip, lower lip, sideburns, under chin, nose, jaws, ears, fingers, areole, feet, chest line, belly line.

  • From 65$/Session for any medium area.

Medium areas: Full face, front of neck, back of neck, French bikini, bikini line, back Brazilian, shoulders, under arms, hands.

  • From 90$/Session for any large area.

Large areas: French bikini, Buttocks, Lower back, Lower abdomen, Knees, Shoulders, Inner Thighs, Half arms.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Silver Package

  • From 350$/Session

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Gold Package

  • From 450$/Session

Botox Injection

By paralysing the underlying muscles, Botox injections are known for their ability to minimise the appearance of face wrinkles.

Available Packages:
  • Botox Injection : $10/Unit
  • Dysport $9/Unit
  • Xeomin $9/Unit

Micro Needling & Micropigmentation

Available Packages:
  • Micro Needling : $400/Session
  • Micropigmentation : $500/Session


Available Packages:
  • Glow Facial with -Chemical peel starts at 120$
  • Chemical peel: 85$
  • Deep pores cleaning facial with LED: 200$
  • Hydrating facial with microdermabrasion: 150$
  • Acne treatment facial with LED 150$
  • Teenager facial: 90$
  • Gentlemen facial: 150$
  • Event glow facial: 150$

Non Surgical Butt Lift

Available Packages:
  • 1 Session: $200
  • Package of 3 Sessions: $450
  • Package of 6 Sessions: $600

Other Services

Available Packages:
  • Brows lamination: $65
  • Eyelashes lamination: $75
  • Tint $10 Extra
Mssage Package Whitby

Massage Therapy

Embrace tranquility and harmonize your wellness journey!

Available Packages:
  • 60 mins body massage 75$
  • 90 mins body massage 100$
  • 30 mins head and face massage 45$
  • 1 free massage with the package of 5
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